National Microgrid is designing some of the most advanced microgrids in the nation.


Requests for micro-grids and “off grid” systems have greatly increased in recent months. In response to this, National Microgrid has invested significant resources in becoming a leader in the design and construction of such facilities. Every system we build is designed to be “Off Grid Capable”

Building a complete “Off Grid” system is no small feat. Our team gathers load data and confers with industry leaders in battery and micro-grid control technology. Together, we provide and build the entire solution. We also provide entire system guarantees for up to 25 years.


What We Do

Contact us with your most recent electric bill and basic site info, to set up an initial consultation. We will analyze your bill and generate a custom proposal for your site within 48 hours.



During your initial consultation, we will review your energy bill and offer a custom analysis with your projected savings. In addition, we will help you understand the tax incentives that are available for your specific project.


Design Development

We work closely with our clients to develop a custom Renewable Power Plan. Whether incorporating with residential, industrial or corporate buildings, each facility’s existing assets can be combined with micro-grid technology to create an integrated, economical source of clean energy.



During our pre-construction consultation, we will determine the best-integrated power plan for your project, identify all available financial incentives, secure project financing, negotiate an interconnection agreement with your utility, customize your site design, and implement system engineering. We’ll identify project timelines based on your location, equipment needs, permits, and interconnection agreements.


Implementing Energy Management and Monitoring

Data logging and analyzing your existing consumption patterns gives us a path to your smart energy future. We will recommend conservation measures along with renewable generation to achieve your goal and reduce your energy costs. Our team will set up your Energy Management system onsite and show you how to track your energy consumption independently.